Vetpaw x Marcel Van Luit

Joining forces to create the first non profit NFT collection to protect Africa’s wildlife

The Guardian Grail

500 opportunities to make a difference


BLACK LEOPARD NFT Made by marcel van luit

living freely on the Ethereum Blockchain


Black rhinos are living dinosaurs that originated over 50 million years ago in the Eocene Epoch and became present in Africa over ten million years ago during the Late Miocene Epoch. In 1960, Africa’s black rhino population was estimated at around 100,000 animals, but population numbers have dwindled to 5,500 animals due to poaching and habitat loss, putting the species on the brink of extinction.

The illegal trade of rhino horn is driven by debunked ancient medical beliefs that horn consumption is a cure for terminal illnesses, substance hangovers, and low libido. Although rhino horn is made of keratin, much like human fingernails, a single horn can fetch over one million dollars on the black market.

Spiritual Representation: Strength, Gentleness, Determination


The African Black Leopard is a melanistic color variant of the African leopard species and is listed as “vulnerable” on the IUCN Red List. Habitat loss and poaching of exotic animal skins have resulted in a significant decrease in leopard populations. This genetic mutation of the African leopard species is one of the rarest animals on the continent.

Few people have ever sighted the African Black Leopard, and those that do sight a black leopard are said to have eternal good luck.

Spiritual Representation: Authenticity, Rebellion, Strength, Transformation


VETPAW’s innovative approach to wildlife protection is the main focal point of our supporters,

but often overlooked is the holistic effects the animals have on the veterans protecting them.

The brutalities of combat during war result in severe trauma for those called to serve in combat.

VETPAW gives veterans a new purpose in life of protecting voiceless wildlife, which in turn provides holistic ecotherapy to the veterans charged with safeguarding these very animals.

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Marcel Van Luit

Marcel van Luit is arguably the most influential and unique environmental artist in modern society.

When creating, he views through the lens of a child and uses his art to promote messages of hope, trust, and love.

His ability to portray humans and nature living harmoniously through art is a gift unlike any other.

It’s a holistic relationship that only Marcel van Luit is capable of portraying through art.

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Selected Work


Marcel van Luit will create exclusive 500-pieces collections. In addition, artists selected by Marcel will create larger piece collections.

VETPAW: Guardian Grail - Genesis Collection

Collection Size: 500 Pieces

Artist: Marcel van Luit

Mint Date: 14th. 2022

Net mint funds to be allocated to provide two mobile command vehicles w/long range thermal/night vision/daytime monitoring systems with artificial intelligence capabilities, two fully outfitted support patrol vehicles, two military-grade long-range unmanned aerial vehicles, and a one-year Africa deployment of six additional veterans into new regions for the protection of at-risk animals and communities.

This collection will also support the initiatives of VETPAW's partner organizations in Africa. NFT Holders will be able to make suggestions and present ideas on three different VETPAW programs. The focus of the African based programs will be: Women's Health & Empowerment, Local Youth Education, and Art programs for locals.


Our Team

Ryan Tate


Tim Cook

Marketing Director

Skylar Domine

Project Lead

Kyle Hansen

Marketing Manager

Nathan Harris

Event Coordinator

Andy Johnson

Board of Directors

VETPAW made patnership with DRENGR Switzerland based company specialized in web3 technologies development. They support projects on technical operations as well as strategic and marketing aspects.

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Everything you need to know about the project

What is the collection supply? 

The Guardian Grail collection is composed of 500 Black Leopards NFTs made by Marcel Van Luit.

What is the mint price? 

The Whitelist Mint price will be 0.1 ETH and the Public Mint price will be 0.15 ETH.

When is the launch date? 

The Whitelist Sale will take place on 20th May 2022 (2pm pacific time)

The Public Sale will take place on 21th May 2022 (2pm pacific time).

What is an NFT? 

An NFT is an abbreviation for "non-fungible token," which is a fancy way of describing it's a one-of-a-kind digital commodity that users may purchase, possess, and trade.

Some NFTs' primary goal is to be digital art, and they can provide a variety of advantages. They may be viewed as membership cards, with holders receiving special access to events, products, and other benefits. The Guardian NFT collection is a very unique way to protect Africa’s wildlife through digital art. 

How do I mint (buy) an NFT? 

Check the DRENGR tutorial :)